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Oil and Gas Investment Evaluation
GeoWeb brings more than 20 years of experience in providing investment consulting services. For individual, corporate, or institutional investors seeking assistance on the technical merits of an investment, GeoWeb conducts independent, unbiased evaluations of oil and gas opportunities. Our comprehensive, easy-to-understand analysis delivers a thorough assessment of the technical and commercial merits, identification of key risk factors, estimation of reserves and resources, and determination of the opportunity's overall potential value.

We focus our acquisition efforts on core areas of interest with proven production histories. We are not interested in wildcatting or higher risk drilling in areas with limited geological and production information. These activities put our investment capital at undue risk. Instead, we focus almost exclusively on infield drilling (including PUD and offset development) and existing production acquisitions in proven oilfields backed by decades of active drilling and documented production.

Network Security/Design/Installation
GeoWeb provides a full range of networking services, including network design, installation, cabling, security assessments, patching and securing individual systems, overall network security planning, incident response, and disaster recovery.
  • Network Installation
  • LAN/WAN/VPN/Wireless Network
  • Creating preliminary network layouts
  • Security auditing & updating
  • Cisco router firewall design-configuration
  • IPtables-IPchains configure and tuning
  • Security alert and upgrade management
  • Disaster & compromise recovery
  • Data & colocation center auditing

Web Application Solutions
We specialize in: E-Learning and Online Training System Development. Our team has the expertise and know how to deploy the most effective solution for your organizations needs.