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 Network Installation
 Automated Backup
 Network Design
 Network Security
 IT Consulting Services
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Office Automation/Software Development
GeoWeb brings more than 20 years of experience in providing high quality Windows/Unix/Linux support plans for companies and individuals. We offer a wide variety of support and administration contracts ranging from single per incident projects to enterprise class administration and outsourcing in Linux server and network management.
  • Office Automation/Custom Programming Solutions
  • C#,C++,Java,Python,Perl,.Net,ASP.NET,SQL,MySQL
  • System Design/Setup/Configuration
  • Remote server administration
  • Co-located/remote hosted server management
  • System troubleshooting & debugging
  • Software installation & configuration
  • File & directory services, NFS
  • Kernel rebuilds & module management
  • Perl-Shell-CGI-system scripting
  • Performance tuning
  • Emergency support (24/7)

Computer System Design and Backup Solutions
With each server designed specifically to your needs, our backup Raid System is absolutely necessary to maintaining your most important web applications, databases and email safe should your primary systems fail or are in need of server maintenance. Our dedicated staff/security gurus will keep a watchful eye on your systems, constantly making sure that all systems function normally and they will be available to answer your questions at anytime.

Network Security/Design/Installation
GeoWeb provides a full range of networking services, including network design, installation, cabling, security assessments, patching and securing individual systems, overall network security planning, incident response, and disaster recovery.
  • Network Installation
  • LAN/WAN/VPN/Wireless Network
  • Creating preliminary network layouts
  • Security auditing & updating
  • Cisco router firewall design-configuration
  • IPtables-IPchains configure and tuning
  • Security alert and upgrade management
  • Disaster & compromise recovery
  • Data & colocation center auditing

Web Application Solutions
We specialize in: E-commerce, Online Shopping Center, B2B, B2C, Server Colocation, Scaleable Database Development, Email/Web Server Consulting and Custom Programming Solutions. Our team has the expertise and know how to deploy the most effective solution for your organizations needs.